Tommy King

Tommy King

Project title: An Exploratory Study on Child’s Technology Use in the Context of Usable Privacy and Security



July 21

My favorite thing I've done so far this summer was test the eye tracker. I found it interesting how a device can track your eye movement as you read on a computer monitor. This eye tracker will help us collect the data when users apply for the fitness websites and read two of the three types of license agreements. The hardest thing I've done was develop the website and adding finishing touches to make it look realistic. It frustrated me trying to get certain buttons in the "perfect" position and just fixing sizes on the login.

July 14

A couple weeks left and things are picking up. We decided we could not do as much with my experiment so I have been helping Jon with his research. Our websites have to be submitted and so the test can begin. Also, this comic that I am creating isn't that bad. I may even make this a hobby because of how fun it is, but other than that, I'm excited to get this experiment running and I hope we can get accurate results from our peers.

July 7

I've been enjoying my time here, but being away from home on Independence Day made me a little homesick. This is my first time not being around them socializing, eating and enjoying their company, but I manage to toughen up and not think about it so much. I'm still developing this website while the IRB is in the process of being approved. Since I've starting the bases of the website, everything else has been simple until I have to apply buttons. Hopefully I would get everything up and running soon.

June 28

After piloting a few interview questions, I realized that I needed to ask question in a different way and add on to the questions to get more information, but i could not continue the research until it is approved by the IRB. While waiting on my research to get approved, I assisted Jon on his research dealing with End User Licences Agreement. We both developed websites so that the participants can log into a fitness website and read the EULA. Developing websites take time and patience  because its more of trial and error. Mistakes I've made that contributed with this was aligning text and images to make the website look more professional. I had to do continuous runs on the webpage making sure its as perfect as it can be. I've developed a full understand of HTML and CSS which is beneficial. 

June 16

The problems and challenges I am facing during my research experience is developing great questions for the interview with children and parents for the Child Security research. We've brainstormed multiple questions and methods for both children and parents and tested them throughout interviews. Our main focus is getting as much information as we can from them without being repetitive with questions. With the EULA research, my challenge is getting the decoy website to look appealing and professional.

June 9

As the program started, things were a bit slow. I can see that it's picking up now each week. I'm excited to start the interviews and develop webpages to see what results we get from each research, but with all the excitement, I still find myself being homesick. This is my first time being away from home for a long period of time, but I'll get over it!

June 2

Honestly, I think the REU will be interesting especially as we get more in depth with our research. While being here, I hope to learn more on my research as it focuses on children and how they use technology. How can we make sure our children are protected when it comes to technology? With that being said, I also want to enjoy my time here and meet new friends.