Jon Jeremie

Jon Jeremie

Project title: Improving the End User License Agreement


July 28

To start off this research experience was something new that was introduced to me and I encourage future students to go ahead and apply to summer REU's. You get to undergo amazing research and meet other students coming from every background. This is experience you won't get in the classroom. You work with awesome advisors that you really learn a lot from and can also be recommendations for you in the future. If interested in grad school, this will definitely give you a feel on what it feels to be a grad student. I enjoyed my time at UNCC and look forward to future amazing experiences. 

July 21

As my research is coming to an end, one of my favorites things I have done so far this summer was going to The White Water Center, I overcame my fear of heights as I went bungee jumping and zip-lining. Also, just being able to create my own website because it was something that I've never done before. 

One of the hardest things that I've done so far this summer was budgeting my money. I am a big spender, and I spend my money on things that are unnecessary. Overall, this was an exciting summer full of many new experiences.
July 7
After meeting with Dr.Lipford, she gave me specific instructions on how to continue building the website. Progress is being made and the websites are looking great! As usual, there is always some tweaking to be made to fit the requirements.  One of the hardest parts about editing the code is learning where to put certain elements that you didn’t have in the code before. One simple edit could have my webpage looking totally different, so I was very careful on how I configured my HTML and CSS code.
July 30
When it comes to programming, mistakes are something you can never escape from. Mistakes are a learning curve that make you realize how small your problems are that you are trying to solve.

The display of my website is coming out to look greater than I thought it would be knowing that I have no prior web page experience. Keeping it simple gives it a look that is user friendly and also less time consuming. I researched different websites and based my design off of one that was simple but yet amazing. What I liked most about this week was that I started to use all the code I learned from tutorials to create my own work.

June 23

During week 4 of my research,  my partner and I started to develop two websites that will be used in our EULA expirement. I never had any web developing experience coming into this research, but learning the language so far has been quite simple from other programming languages that I have experience with. 

June 16

As I finish up week 3 of my research, the problems I am currently facing is having to learn a new programming language(HTML,CSS,JavaScript) all in the span of a few weeks. It is a lot to take-in but is a challenge that I am looking forward too. On the non technical side of things I am a very picky eater, so the problem I am facing with that is becoming a 5 star chef within two months.

June 9

In my second week of the REU program, I am now in the brainstorming phase of my research. In the beginning of the week I used my time to get familiar with the all the programs and softwares I will be using to conduct my research, and also getting everything situated with the IRB. Reading articles during my first week really helped me understand certain terminology and also gave me a better idea of understanding the research I will be conducting. This week was a handful and the work is starting to get very tedious, but it is nothing I am not used too. I am looking forward to the further weeks to come.

June 2

During the summer research I am hoping to accomplish a vast amount of work. I understand that this will take much more effort than usual, and it is a task I am ready to pursue. On the learning side of things, I want to enhance my critical thinking skills. Being able to think well and solve problems systematically is an asset for any career. Within my respective lab, I want to learn more about HCI in general. Humans interact with technology on a day to day basis. Studying those interactions to make technology safer and more user-friendly is something I never came across before and would like to have a broad understanding of social interaction with technology upon leaving this summer research.