2010 REU Award Winners

Creation of a New Culturally Situated Design Tool
By Shaun Pickford
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Shaun Pickford

Visualization of Storm Surge Time-Varying Data
By Rye Yauilla
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Rye Yauilla

Third (Tie)
BeadLoom Game
By Dustin Cullers
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Dustin Cullers


Future Computing Lab
REU Students: Sarah Gilliland, George Arceneaux IV, Aisha Davis, Mary Fletcher, David Harris, Hoan Nguyen
Faculty: Dale Marie Wilson, Ph.D.
Download poster by Sarah Gilliland
Download poster by George Arceneaux IV
Download poster by Aisha Davis
Download poster by Mary Fletcher
Download poster by David Harris
Download poster by Hoan Nguyen

Games + Learning Lab
REU Students: Veronica Catete, Joshua Situka, Antoine Campbell, Dustin Cullers, Shaun Pickford, Gloria Szliasi, Meena Seralathan
Faculty: Tiffany Barnes, Ph.D.; Michael Youngblood, Ph.D.
Download poster by Veronica Catete, Joshua Situka
Download poster by Antoine Campbell
Download poster by Dustin Cullers
Download poster by Shaun Pickford
Download poster by Gloria Szliasi
Download poster by Meena Seralathan

BioInformatics Lab
REU Students: Caitlin McCollister, Yingxu Liu

Visualization Lab
REU Students: Luke Rice, Rye Yauilla
Faculty: Bill Ribarsky, Ph.D.; Zach Wartell, Ph.D.; Aidong Lu, Ph.D.
Download poster by Luke Rice
Download poster by Rye Yauilla

Human Computing Interaction Lab
REU Students: Ashley Anderson, Charlotte Smail, Millicent Walsh
Faculty: Heather Lipford, Ph.D.

2010 Picture Gallery