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June 16

As I complete my third week in the REU, I have faced some challenges along the way. My main challenge is to learn how to outline my research projects in order to finish them before the symposium. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, I am involved in two different research projects. Thus, both projects require different things to be completed which can make it a little difficult for me to finish on time. For example, for my C1 and CS2 sketchbook project, I had to complete an IRB in a timely manner. Since the IRB is such a long application, I found it as a challenge. For my makerspace project, one of my main challenges is to find resources that would target the topic of inclusivity in the makerspace. Despite the challenges I am facing/ will face, I am determined to try my best in both of my research topics.

June 9

In my second week of the REU program, I officially began to work on my two research topics. I took Monday and Tuesday to scan sketch books in order to start analyzing them the upcoming week. Wednesday and Thursday, I took the time to work on the approach I wanted to take in my Makerspace research project. Meeting with Dr. Latulipe earlier in the week truly helped me get a better idea of what I wanted to do with my research. In our meeting, we created a to-do list of the things I had to complete for the week. This list really helped me outline my goals and allowed me to use my time in the lab more efficiently. Overall, I felt that this week has been very productive. I am very excited to see the final results of my research. 

June 2

As I complete my first week in UNC Charlotte’s REU: Socially Relevant Computing program, I have established goals that I wish to accomplish by the end of my summer research. However, first, I will like to explain the details of the type of research that I will be doing over the summer. This summer, I will conduct research on two different topics. The first has to do with increasing inclusion and diversity in the Makerspace. The second has to do with analyzing sketch books collected from computer science students from UNC Charlotte’s introductory computer science courses. I am very excited to conduct research on these two different topics. These are both topics that I have very little knowledge of and I hope that by the end of the summer I will be an expert on both of these topics.

Going back to my goals that I previously mentioned, I will like to learn about the steps it takes to conduct research in computing. Personally, I never had an opportunity to conduct research in my life thus, I am very excited to learn more about research. I hope the upcoming REU seminars will prepare me well enough to make my research talk and poster seem professional. Furthermore, as I spend my time in the REU program, I will like to become an expert in using LateX in order to use it in my future research papers.

Additionally, through the REU program I am also hoping to learn how to apply for graduate school. Since I am a first-generation student, I have very little knowledge of graduate school. Neither of my parents know what graduate school is and I have not considered graduate school until earlier this year. I am hoping that through this program I will broaden my knowledge of graduate school and its application process.

I will be forever grateful that I had been accepted to UNC Charlotte’s REU program. The program will definitely help me expand my knowledge in research. I see this program as a stepping stone to better my future and to be successful in my graduate studies.