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June 16

Some challenges I have been facing this week simply come from my lack of experience with MatLab – Matrix Laboratory is a language that expresses problems in a familiar mathematical notation. Thankfully, my lab partner has had experience with it and has been able to help me when I get stuck. Also, my professor organized an introductory tutorial on MatLab which was helpful. I just need to get more experience with it as the summer continues I will feel more comfortable and get a better hang of it. This week I also attended a seminar on Wednesday regarding National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, it was very informative. In addition to, I also had another weekly presentation. I enjoy these because I am getting more practice discussing my research topic and presenting in front of others. 

June 9

The second week of research has now passed and I feel a little more relaxed and comfortable with my lab. I have gotten familiar with the tools and software I will be using to conduct my research this summer. This week I also completed my first presentation on my project. That was a little overwhelming, but the more practice I get over the summer, the better I will get. My professor gave me significant feedback which was very helpful. This is also a helpful tool in my future so I will be able to get more comfortable talking infront of others. Along with the presentation this week, I attended two seminars, one on fixed and growth mindset and the other on graduate school. I enjoy the seminars because the beneficial to my career and interesting topics. 

June 2

It is now toward the end of week one and I think I would have to say I am exhausted, but excited for what all this summer has entail. I have gotten to know my professor better, as well as the students working in the same lab as me. These past few days have mainly consisted of reading and watching videos to try and gain some background knowledge of the topic I will be working on. It is only my second day in the lab and I have already learned so much. I am really looking forward to the experience I will gain in these nine weeks. I am eager about working with a new professor, getting the opportunity to explore Charlotte’s campus, and getting to know the other students.