CISE REU Toolkit

Welcome to the CISE REU Toolkit!

This Toolkit was designed to assist CISE REU Site Principal Investigators in fulfilling reporting and research goals, and is funded by the National Science Foundation. The Toolkit contents have emerged from a collective effort of the CISE REU PI community as a means of facilitating NSF reporting and proposals, as well as strengthening research about REU site outcomes. Toolkit content is intended to provide guidelines and a resource for support; it is not intended to provide strict rules of reporting and evaluation. The Toolkit is modified and updated on an ongoing basis as new materials become available and new topics become of interest to the CISE REU PI community. Your input is welcome; click on the Give Feedback button to submit your comments and suggestions. This site is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, grant # 1346847.

Faculty Impact Study

  • Share your experiences and best practices; PIs received direct email invitations to participate in November 2016

  • If you did not receive a direct email invitation and would like to participate, please email

2017 Common Applications Launching NOW

  • To establish the common application for your REU site, please complete this form; you'll receive response within 2-5 business days. 

2016 Shared Applicant Pool Launhed

  • Shared Applicant Pool- available to all Site faculty, consisting of applicants not selected by other sites

A la Carte Student Survey 2016 Deployed

  • CISE REU PIs have received their site data packages; a summative report will be shared in spring 2017

  • To see the 2016 Full Survey, click here. To view details about the survey modules, visit the A la Carte Student Survey section on left menu bar of this toolkit